Trang & Kevin

Ballroom at the Ben with a stop at City Hall and the Roden Museum.

Sara & Justin

Rustic farmhouse wedding at the Stables at
Fox Crossing.

Laura & Jeff

Playa del Carmen destination wedding at
El Dorado Royale resort.

I flipped burgers to save enough for my first camera.


I was 16 when I walked into the Ritz Camera in Voorhees, New Jersey to finally make the purchase I'd been saving for. I had spent months working at McDonalds and stopping by to check it out and chat with the staff. It was finally mine, a brand new Nikon 6006. Upon completing my purchase the store manager immediately said "Ok kid, now that you have bought the camera, how would you like a job? You know more about this stuff than most of the people who work here." Twenty four years and eighteen cameras later, I am happy to still be totally obsessed with making pictures and working as a professional wedding photographer. I can't imagine doing anything else.

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